The Gunks
April 1, 2000
After securing coffee and a bagel Sowmya feels like this camping thing might not be so bad after all and is ready for the day of climbing and hiking.
After meeting a friendly local who knew the area (Peter's Kill) and happened to have crashpad Merrick finds a problem that inspires multiple attempts.
Merrick sets up for the crux throw. The hold you throw to is quite slippery and the open hand grip of the holds you throw from make you pump out fast.
of course you know to click on the picture to see a larger version
The climbing section of this site has tons of info. message board
Ask questions or just chat on the message board for Gunks info.
Tradgirl is based in the Gunks and has plenty of info about the area.

climbXmedia guide
ClimbXMedia created a nice PDF guide to the bouldering at the Trapps area of the Gunks.