A Year at the Red
Steve working his way up Maypop, 5.11a, at Left Flank.
The Return of Chris Snyder, 11d, at Roadside is as intimidating as it looks. Merrick wondering what he is about to get himself into.
Merrick trying to pull the roof before the endless pump-fest on The Return of Chris Snyder, 11d, at Roadside. Yes he got up it. No, he did not do it in good style.
Adrian hanging out at the base of a climb on a warm spring day.
Merrick making the last clip before the runout on Face Up the Crack 5.8, at Left Flank. A cam would probably be a good idea but that would take the fun out of it.
Tom, Merrick, and Miguel waiting out the spring rain under an overhang at Left Flank.
Dale training his endurance by doing laps on Mercy the Huff, 5.12c, at Left Flank. So thatís how he got so strong.
Jef climbing out of the shadows on his first lead outside, Mr. Bungle, 5.8, at Left Flank. While he enjoyed the onsight, it only made him want more.
Merrick enjoying the crisp cold, good friction, fall color, and the chemical hand warmers in the chalk bag. He redpointed Armadillo, 5.11a, at the Zoo and his hands didnít even go numb.
Some fall days brought really cold weather but that didnít stop Jef from leading Welcome to the Zoo, 5.9, at The Zoo.
Miguel warming up on Brother Stair, 5.9, at Left Flank.
Amy squeezing slopers preparing to top out at the Junkyard on a perfect fall day.
Once in a while the sights in the parking lot of the rest area are as good as the climbing.
It is sometimes inspiring when a random kid comes by, sees what he thinks will be a good line and works a hard boulder problem into submission. The problem is the slopey traverse under Brother Stair at Left Flank. The crux is hanging on to the slopers after you cut your feet.
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